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Our Purpose

What We Believe

We believe that God is offering an exchange from a life dead in sin to one that is alive in Jesus. To exchange a life in bondage for freedom, to exchange a life that is broken for one that is restored through Christ 2 Cor.5:17 “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person; the old life is gone; a new life has begun”

What We Value

  1. People Matter
  2. Becoming like Jesus Matters
  3. Real life community Matters
  4. Sharing God’s Story Matters
  5. Serving others Matters

Our Pastor

Todd Carr

I grew up going to church with my parents and asking Jesus into my heart as a kid. I remember getting older and it seemed like I just existed in the Christian life, not really much happening. Then the church my family was involved found itself in the middle of a split and I decided if that was what church and Jesus was all about, then  life was too short to waste my time on it. 

Several years later,  I found myself married to my college sweetheart with a family to care for.   I remember thinking, there had to be more to life than what we were experiencing. My wife, Robin, had kept encouraging me to put God first and start to follow Him with our whole heart. That Mother’s Day started a quest to Love the Lord with all my heart in everything I do.

A few years later God led me to go into the ministry. Robin & I led student ministry in various churches for about 29 years. In 2018, I made the transition to become the pastor of Exchange Church. 

We are so excited about what God is doing. It is our heart and vision to create a safe place where you can come and search for answers to those deep questions you have about Jesus without feeling judged or overwhelmed. We want you to see that there is so much more to this life on earth than houses, 401k, and perfect family pics on Instagram. There is an exciting life waiting for you as Jesus takes the center of your heart, and His purpose becomes the motivation for everything you do. 

Robin and I want to personally invite you to come exchange a life of the status quo, for one of unending love and truth in Jesus Christ.  We are all broken people who are working to be restored to the masterpiece that God has created us to be. 

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: the old has gone, the new is here”      2 Cor. 5:17